Our mission

Whereas, Steven is the #18 most common male name and, whereas, 0.78% of men in the US are named Steven and, whereas, around 955500 US men are named Steven, therefore, Axis of Stevil is right because 955,000 men can't be wrong.

The Axis of Stevil is an international organization founded on the idea that everyone has individualistic traits and differing skills, as well as the principle that any person may succeed and have a voice in this world, even a person as plain as a Steve; whose business it is to help solve the problems of the world as well as provide a one stop source for art and entertainment created and presented for the everyday people. The Axis of Stevil works to create a recognizable voice for the artists of this world to express and share their ideas through multimedia messages and publications. The problems that are solved by the Axis of Stevil are rarely serious or have cause for alarm or emergency, but the mindset of The Axis of Stevil is that of morality and honor. No problem is too small for the Axis of Stevil to handle.



The Axis of Stevil is an organization that understands what it takes to grow and be successful. A strong environment to work, live and learn is key to creative and spiritual growth. The Axis of Stevil takes pride in the fact that it supports and amplifies the voice of the everyday person who does in fact deserve to be heard. With that, the Axis of Stevil wants to get involved and spread the word of local community events.