The Episode In Which Carlton Remembers The Day He Was Made

Originally published Wednesday September, 21st 2005


Ever let curiosity take hold? Like every young toddler experiencing the world for the first time, Carlton took it upon himself to ask the age old question, “Where did I come from?” After explaining the birds and the bees, the rest of the Axis of Stevil family sat down and answered all of Carltons questions over a pleasant game of Guess Who. Shortly after the game, Carlton took a moment for himself and watched a video that captured his entrance into ths exciting universe. This moment of self-reflection allowed Carlton to find and understand his roots, roots that will forever be buried deep within the spirit of the Axis of Stevil.

The Axis of Stevil asks that each of its viewers take some time this weekend and reestablish a connection with your roots. Without them, your tree of existence will surely topple into the Beyond section at “Bed Bath & Beyond”.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image)

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