Thurston's Log 08.03.05

Originally published Wednesday August, 3rd 2005

An entry from Thurston’s Log on August 3, 2005:

Dear Axis of Stevil,

The drive to the airport was rather uneventful. I guess it was the “calm before the storm.” I had high hopes for this vacation to see my piglet sister in Las Vegas, Nevada. It had been a while since I had seen Turtle. But even hope could not silence the nervous fear inside. I’d never been to Nevada.

After my first flight, I connected in Washington D.C. with my mother, Ms. Mae B. Pig. Complications arose during our flight that extended the journey. By the time we arrived in Las Vegas, it was an entire twelve hours since we boarded our first planes. Turtle picked us up at six in the morning, and after some grubbing at a public trough, we slept until after noon. Rolling out of my blanket, I decided to explore the sights. I’d never been to Las Vegas.

So on our first night in “Sin City,” we saw the Blue Man Group at the Luxor. It was an incredible show. The men in it were pretty talented… for humans. I even tried my hoof at a slot machine. Luckily, I’m one of those pigs that knows when to stop gambling. So one quarter in the hole didn’t break me.

During our visit we visited Impressionist and Eygptian exhibits, saw dancing water, explored Sigfried and Roy’s Secret Garden, experienced Cirque du Soleil (Ka), laughed with Penn & Teller, and payed homage to one of our country’s greatest features, the Hoover Dam.

A red-eye flight separated us after almost a week of play. This vacation was necessary for all three of us. I’ve always been a family-oriented swine. Besides, now I can say I’ve been to Las Vegas, Nevada.*

*I am not able to release in exact detail the events that occurred during my trip. Afterall, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Sincerely, Thurston Z. Pig

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