Originally published Sunday April, 10th 2005


The Travel log of Thurston Zee Pig.

Valued Axis of Stevil staff writer and boating enthusiast Thurston Zee Pig left the company over the weekend. Pig leaves us to study the native mating habits of the large breasted Sus scrofa. This photo was the last image captured of Pig before he dove into the water and swam to points unknown. Pig promises in the future, he will write of his exploits to the Axis of Stevil offices.


He leaves us with these words:

Ever think about how fast time flies? One day you are brand new to the world, everything is beautiful and there is no end in sight; the next, you notice wrinkles, flaws jump out at you, and you feel fate breathing down your neck. It’s no wonder that creatures go through a so-called “mid-life crisis.” And yes, I said creatures. What? You didn’t think only humans go through this, did you? Pigs aren’t only concerned with mud pits, ya know.

Since I was born into a rather large litter, personal attention was hard to come by. We were forced to mature quickly and focus on getting a good education. Little time was assigned to play and just enjoy life. Then slowly you reach the half-way point (which may occur earlier or later than actual middle age). Here is the height of revelation. You are at the top of the roller-coaster, and then you go rushing down. Suddenly you are in a hurry to accomplish all that you used to believe you had forever for. These journal entries are the adventures in life that I almost forgot about. Perhaps some day, when I’m old and about to be “retired,” I can look back on these days and remember how much I really did accomplish.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Katie (Copywriting)

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