Where do babies come from?

Originally published Monday May, 16th 2005

where do babies come from

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At one point in our lives, we’ve all asked this question and we’ve all received similar responses, appropriately named the birds and the bees talk. What you may not realize is that is that this talk of the birds and the bees is the actual explanation for where babies come from. Yes, babies are the end result of a hybrid cross of birds and bees. Scientists have yet to explain this phenomenon, making it one of the best kept secrets of modern day. Deep within groves and forests around the world, birds and bees experience a short mating period of four to six weeks where they can produce up to 4000 offspring in one season. While most of the mating habits and rituals of birds and bees are still a mystery to scholars, one development they have made is that it is not the traditional stork who delivers newborns to families, however it is the pterodactyl. While science claims all dinosaurs are extinct, new radar technology developed by the Zimbabwe government has shown pterodactyls flying at abnormally high altitudes and delivering babies to happy new families all over the globe.

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