Why is someone in the kitchen with Dina?

Originally published Monday June, 20th 2005

If the moon shifted its orbit to the point where the Earth flooded, why is someone in the kitchen with Dina?



Dear Renaldo Janslito,

How are you doing Janslito? Someone you know is in the kitchen cause she couldn’t be anywhere else. Much like ‘ring around the roses’, the nursery rhyme of Dina was created to warn children of the dangers of working on the railroad. Fossil records have proven conclusively that once there was a hideous beast that roamed the wild wood of the untamed American west. It was a diabolical fuseing of pots and pans and 3 skillets to an unusually large timber breaking bear. The beast was known as Samsonite. If a settler should stray from home after dark she would be easy pray to the beast. It is said that Samsonite would club its victims unconscious and then drag them to his kitchen lair. They would be forever trapped there for reason still unknown.

The Axis of Stevil

If you could taste like something, what would you taste like?


Dear Nick,

The Axis of Stevil believes that every person is stamped at birth with an individual taste, an essence if you will. The phenomenon is similar to that of the fingerprint. This essence stems much farther than what tangible flavor you may perceive yourself. It can be attributed to your personal choices and decisions that influence your life on a daily basis. Why limit yourself with one taste when you can enjoy the feast that is laid before you. Bon Appetite

The Axis of Stevil

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