How come twenty six year olds are so clingy?

Originally published Friday March, 24th 2006

How come twenty six year olds are so clingy, cant they just have sex and move on like all the other singles out there?


Dear Goober:

First of all, why are you dating a kindergarten class? With twenty six year olds, one might grow tired of the constant chirp of their voices or non-stop pestering over GI JOE or Legos, if the constant barrage of trivial questions and statements pooring from their mouths doesnt kill you first. The fact of the matter remains that six year olds usually don’t participate in sexual relations either, therefore they are incapable of “having sex and moving on like all the other singles out there.”

Usually relationships often stretch thin around a lack of communication and high expectations with sub par behavior. These problems can usually be exterminated by constant open communication. If you retain certain expectations about space, bedroom life, behavior, language, then grab a a chalkboard and let the diagrams do the talking. Explain and layout your expectations and intentions in the current relationship. By doing this, you provide your relationship partner , whether they be six or ninety-eight years old, with direct insight into what you are looking for and then can clearly understand what it is they can or will do in regarding them. If you need more space, tell them. Show them what you are looking for.

This communication can often be tedious and uncomfortable, but in the end each person knows what the other is looking for and any consequences are understood and accepted by all.


The Axis of Stevil

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