Why Would You Draw That?

Originally published Friday April, 29th 2005


The Axis of Stevil in a continuing effort to point out the absurdity of modern language has produced a poster realization of a standard cliché saying. While mainstream, bird-hating America mindlessly promotes the slaughter of bird kind by stoning. The Axis of Stevil would ask you to think twice before you devalue the life of our ornithological friends in the name of accomplishing two things at once.

NEW! from Milton Birdly

The Axis of Stevil in an effort to raise public awareness of the current plight of birds, as well fit the needs of feathered-friend loving consumers everywhere have produced a line of bird friendly board games. These board games included weighted spinners designed for easy spinning by beak, patented BIRD-O-VISION color schemes for easy recognition, and game boards made of tough peck resistant poly-nylon blends made from real plastic mouse fibers. Look for this product line arriving in stores Fall 05. The Axis of Stevil will donate all profits to the Save a Bird, Stone Yourself foundation.

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