What Will You Do?

Originally published Wednesday September, 7th 2005

Learning to make decisions is an important part of growing up. Train the young and the young at heart, to make the best decisions in life by reading The Axis of Stevil ¡Escoja Un Sendero! Adventure Series, These exciting adventures will show how many infinite possibilities of adventure can be created from a simple mistake.

Only you can choose, your own adventure!


It was a great day in law enforcement when the first Time Traveling Police Phone was revealed to a crowd of spectators and journalists.

“This new tool will allow law enforcement to actively follow up on missed opportunities, prosecute fraudulent 911 calls and most importantly guarantee the safety of East Shore Citizens!” pronounced Police Captain Roy Harbolt, as he flipped on the ornate Lever attached to what looked to be a decidedly ordinary ATT&T rotary telephone.

The gathered crowd gasped in astonishment, as Captain Harbolt’s body seemed to split into a green and red form and then digitize into nothingness. What the crowd was not aware of was, that if they had been wearing 3D glasses they would have seen the fabric of reality tear and Captain Harbolt fall into an infinite column of possibility.

Had ‘Movie Mac’, the manger of East Shore’s only Independent movie house, been on the scene he would have reported the look of sheer terror on Harbolt’s face as he vanished from this plane of reality, to the crowd. As it was, Mac had much better things to do with his time than hang out with the police.

No one ever saw The Captain again. As the first victim of a Time related mishap he became a martyr for both, The American Association of Theologians, and the Screenwriters guild, who felt that if the mysteries of time control were ever solved they would be out of a job! They launched an aggressive AM radio campaign that would have been vastly more successful had they chosen a more reputable spokes model. The crude Bitchings of Bea Arthur were hardly motivating and left much of the ads true intent up to speculation.

While it is sad that Roy will miss his son swing his first baseball bat into a man in a dark alley one autumn day, we must not dwell on such things. Roy in fact, did not die!

Choose your own adventure:

What Happened to Roy?

A. Roy had adventures through time, stopping at far out locales, meeting crazy people and experiencing a diverse cuisine (Turn to page 2.)

B. Roy was teleported one (1) second back in time where he re appeared inside out, like in Star Trek: The Movie. (Turn to page 178b.)


Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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