Fat Ass

Originally published Monday December, 4th 2006


Let’s face it parents, kids can be fussy. At bedtime, at mealtime, and especially during the Holidays, it seems like children are constantly complaining. What’s an inadequate parent to do? Fret no more, for some of the world’s largest fast food chains have come together to bring you the perfect holiday gift for any griping little boy or girl!

Introducing Fatass, the larger-than-life poster, printed on durable, moveable, vinyl. The makers of Fathead now bring you fast food legends Ronald McDonald, Dave Thomas, and the really creepy Burger King, right into your own home! The selection doesn’t stop there. Other characters include Mayor McCheese, The Hardee’s Star, Betty the Bojangles Biscuit Lady, and many more!

Fatasses also make great gifts for those people who play an extra, extra large part in your life. Use a Fatass to make any kitchen your very own restaurant. Place your favorite chain logo beside your bed as a reminder to down a 1700-calorie breakfast at the start of the day. No matter what the occasion, Fatasses make great gifts. Hurry and grab a Fatass now while you still can!

Contributors: Dick (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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