Originally published Thursday January, 6th 2005

The Axis of Stevil has many goals, one of which is to educate its followers. Speech and vocabulary are among the first impressions people gain about others. A person's memory will retain a lot of information about another person's speech. Among those, vocabulary rises to the top. Possessing a good vocabulary is as important as learning how to ride a bike. With or without it you will get to your destination, but with it you will get there much faster.


gy·ra·tion; n.

  1. The act of gyrating.
  2. a. Circular or spiral motion.

    b. An oscillation or varying between states: “increased volatility and unprecedented gyrations in interest rates” (Jack Egan).

“We don’t really know who the hell Jack Egan is or why he wanted to be quoted for saying “gyration” but his feat was so majestic that he could very-well have been given the name, Jack Steve Egan, at birth.”


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