Hang In There Lil Doggy!

Originally published Sunday March, 27th 2005


The Axis of Stevil understands the feeling of frustration you feel in life, such as the frustration of bills & “re-sponsda-bility”. In quick summation, Life is sometimes like this. Market research studies have shown conclusively that most people associate their financial life in terms of monopoly money and small terriers. As a terrier with a large wad of brightly covered money you walk the streets looking for things to buy & places to stop and rest. You live a life of decadence. Wining and dining around town, not thinking about what’s happening; suddenly, it’s boardwalk and you’re screwed. As a provider for the general public’s health, The Axis of Stevil suggest that you make this image your desktop background as a healthy reminder to keep yourself focused on your obligations.

Contributors: Graham (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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