It's Hip: Literally

Originally published Wednesday August, 30th 2006


With the ultra-connected concerns of modern life, Buust Mobile delivers the ultimate in personal human devices without wasting valuable time with phone conversations.

kLip is a fully equipped cellular device that is connected to the LappCast network, which specializes in America’s favorite cellular phone applications. With kLip, you have a chance to experience top-of-the-line mobile technology. On the products website, you can log in and customize kLip by subscribing to kLip Apps. Among these kLip Apps you can choose from hundreds of phone applications including a handy organizer, phone dialer, world clock, an all inclusive game emulator, American Idol “kWik-Voter”, universal remote control, online casino, Papa Johns Pizza “kWik-Dialer”, and many more. Not listed is the Phone Call service. kLip is designed for the mobile users who are on the go and do not have time for the tedium of phone conversations. kLip keeps you up with what’s hot in America.

Dubbed by some as the “buckle of the future”, kLip is the first fully customizable belt accessory hybrid. It attaches snugly to your waistline, so you never have to worry about it being lost or stolen. The optional “kWik-Release” whammy bar makes accessing the unit a breeze when sitting in a crowded space, sporting event, lecture, meal or meeting. Just whammy on and the buckle detaches into your hand for that quick message, email or game of Snakes on a PDA. Recently ranked the number three accessory in JANEUS Magazine’s ‘Hip to be Square survey’, kLip can complete any outfit and add a subtle touch of flair.

Buust Mobile has been delivering quality mobile products to the consumer for nearly 1/100th of a century. kLip exemplifies the finest in technology and interconnectivity. The revolutionary user-driven application network delivers what the country really wants. Purchase kLip and keep up with what is hot!


In a recent product testing, conducted by the Axis of Stevil, the kLip cellular device finished last among the list of tech gadgets available to own in 2006. While noble in its intentions, kLip failed to deliver. Surveys concluded guerilla marketing and spammers have crippled the phone’s ability to operate, causing the application lists to flood with overpriced services and expensive music and video. Three months ago, the lack of Phone Call service application rendered the phone useless to those who didn’t subscribe to Buust’s Director Service, an elevated tier of the phone network that allows the subscriber to pick and choose their own top eight kLip Apps. When asked for comments on these faulty phones, Buust Mobile reported that it had not received a single complaint.

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