Keepin It Real

Originally published Wednesday April, 13th 2005


Humans have in their nature a desire to be the “biggest fish in the pond”. This desire is not necessarily a bad one. It inspires people to work hard and do great things. But sometimes a Big Fish will become pompous and arrogant with his own girth. This misguided, obese fish will start to lose sight of his objectives and his original goals that made him great.

This will lead to two things; the Big Fish will continue to manifest his fat kid desires and eat all his friends or ultimately be eaten by the quintessential “bigger fish” in this world where Ruxpins still work in slave camps and the plastic mice are hunted for their glossy pelts. Society can no longer carry the weight of useless Big Fish.

The Axis of Stevil believes that in life you must always be humble. Even when you are ultra successful and productive you must keep perspective of being a small minnow in the big ocean of existence. To emphasize this point the Axis of Stevil has released this page from its upcoming “The Axis of Stevil ultimate guide to life Coloring book”.

The Axis of Stevil will be holding a coloring contest, starting April 13th and running through April 22nd. Interested contestants should download and color the blank coloring page. Coloring can be done digitally or by analog methods. No entry will be denied. All work must be submitted to The Axis of Stevil by E-mail or in person at any Axis of Stevill branch location by 5pm on April 22nd. Coloring submissions must be completed by the submitter.



Contributors: Graham (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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