Out Of Their Element

Originally published Wednesday September, 13th 2006


Anyone familiar with pop culture understands that celebrity fights are a very common occurrence among tinsel-towners. While most are silly skirmishes or impolite exchanges of opinion, some celebrities take it a step further. A recent example would be producer Danger Mouse’s parody of Paris Hilton’s excuse of a compact disc. It seems that celebrities are willing to spend their hard-earned money just to make parody of other celebrities, and there’s no doubt that the public, as well as other celebrities, are buying into it.

Take the sublime sibling writing and directing duo Ethan and Joel Cohen, for example. Their frivolous feuds with rival brothers, The Wayans, as reached an all new climax. Earlier this year, Marlon and Shawn Wayans created a cartoon featuring predominantly urban-themed children, of course, all of which were fair, balanced, and realistic representations of an inner-city, lower-class society. The cartoon was aptly named Thugaboo. The Cohen brothers retaliated with an animated attack of their own: The Li’l Lebowskis. The Li’l Lebowskis is about 10 year-old Jeffy Lebowski’s childhood during the early 1990s.

The pilot episode starts when Jeffy’s teacher tells the class that Monday is show and tell. Jeffy decides to bring his prized possession; the blanket he’s slept on the floor with since he was a baby. However, the school bully, Jeffery Lebowski (the older, richer one), and his Asian foreign exchange student crony soil the blanket. Heartbroken, Jeffy confides in his friends Walter and Donny. While bowling at the YMCA, the trio devises a plan to get back at the bully Lebowski. That Saturday, Jeffy and Donny (Walter’s parents wouldn’t let him go) meet up with “The Strange Kid” before school. “The Strange Kid” is a cowboy-clad kid, who is home-schooled and works on his parents’ ranch. Because of the manual labor, The Strange Kid is much bigger and stronger than his public-schooled peers. Jeffy explained that he was being bullied and promised to give The Strange Kid half of his fruit rollup if he’d provide protection on Monday. The Strange Kid abides, and sits behind Jeffy the next day of class. During show and tell, Jeffy brings his new friend and talks about him in front of the class. The Strange Kid added that his family “believes in a hard day’s work,” to which, a young boy named Flea replied, “My parents believe in nothing.” This angered The Strange Kid, so he gave Flea a black eye. Jeffy is sent to the principal’s office and were given a good lecture on why he shouldn’t have stuck a rancher in the class.

The Axis of Stevil encourages that all celebrities to express themselves freely, because it makes the daunting task of poking fun at them a lot easier.

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