Pan And Scan Weekend

Originally published Monday April, 25th 2005


Ocular dexterity is an important part of your Health. The Axis of Stevil feels that all people need to keep their eyes open and looking towards the future. By not allowing your eyes to be exposed to interesting images they can grow soft and weak. This week the Axis of Stevil encourages all its readers and employees to get back in the habit of exercising their eyes. If we allow our eyes to grow weak we will no longer have the ability to distinguish the beautiful from the mundane.

The Axis of Stevil has released a series of wallpapers to keep your eyes keenly focused on your desktop. These images have been scientifically crafted by the Axis of Stevil artisans and given the proper balance of visual elements achieving an aesthetic and pleasing balance. Long term exposure to these images will strengthen your eyes by at least 20%.







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