Complete Your Breakfast

Originally published Wednesday February, 22nd 2006


Hey kids! Are you looking for a tasty snack that is not only part of a balanced breakfast, but is an entire breakfast?! Then you need to try ‘Pro-Teens’: The cereal designed for growing kids who need a full meal in a bowl. Every morning you and Porter, the portly pro-teen, can share a breakfast chock full of bacon bits, egg rounds, sausage links, and Canadian bacon. These meaty morsels are combined with Porter’s special P shaped cornflakes that turn your milk into savory gravy!

The breakfast table, until now, has been crowded with bland, unfulfilling cereals. Go beyond the norm with ‘Pro-teens’: the delicious, meat based cereal alternative for your morning routine. Why settle for horseshoes and clovers? When you can have fortified bacon bits, and freeze-dried, condensed egg rounds!

The most important meal of the day just got easier with ‘Pro-Teens’ as part of your complete breakfast. One bowl provides growing kids with 200% of their daily recommended serving of protein, cholesterol, sodium, saturated fat, Iron and Magnesium. You’d have to eat sixteen of Denny’s Grand Slam breakfasts to match the nutrition of a single helping of ‘Pro-Teens’.

Already a Pro-teen? Join the Atkidz Club, and receive regular coupons and discounts on ‘Pro-Teens’ and other Jimmy Dean food products. Atkidz club members also receive the Atkidz newsletter which is jam packed with fun games, crosswords and Porter’s trivia challenge. Plus, you’ll be given exclusive access to the ‘Pro-Teens’ clothing catalog, stocked full of shirts, caps and hoodies.

‘Pro-Teens’ – The Maximum Meaty Treat for a Maximum Kid To Eat.

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