Remember Today, Tomorrow!

Originally published Monday November, 28th 2005


Our on-demand, technology-driven world has yielded much advancement in the personal record keeping field. For example, the AIM log gives hard copy records of every conversation that ever transpires online. This has become a great tool for sealing harassment charges and writing provocative revenge letters. Now, a feature in almost every messaging client, the world has begun to rely on their logs so much that demand has lead to a great new innovation: The ID-10m Personal Digital Stenographer by Kuno Robotics.

Base models of the ID-10m PDS are equipped with several revolutinary features to fit the needs of today’s modern individual:

Chic-click shell plating allows you to customize your ID-10m to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Take your PDS to your next business meeting! Every ID-10m is a certified Notary Public.

ID-10m fits most major car seats and doghouse models.

Perpetual energy source emits no pollution and NEVER needs a charge.

Integrated HEPA filter purifies and clears the air as it moves.

Revolutionary Holographic Cube technology allows ID-10m to archive three months of dialog. Never miss a beat as this PDS outputs logs to DVD or text log (printer sold separately).

Never worry about who might be listening in, The HyperV-chip censors playback on the fly; scrambling information for anyone who is lurking in the vicinity.

Bluetooth compatible; sync ID-10m with your cell phone, laptop or Bluetooth wireless headset. It can perform basic clerical phone tasks with only minimal setup.

Optional Senior Edition comes with +. 05 static charge. Perfect for dressing your ID-10m in a sweater or other wool costume for those festive occasions.

ID-10m is a product of Kuno Robotics Concern

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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