Sadiler, But True

Originally published Wednesday January, 17th 2007


This morning, 18 year-old Mindy Sadlier, was arrested for 16 counts of animal cruelty and attempted assault on a police officer. Sadlier was found living alone in her dilapidated single-bedroom home. Authorities discovered Sadlier’s parents died fourteen years ago in a freak turkey fryer mishap and has been living alone with the family’s German Shepard, Buttons, ever since.

Officer Beard E. Head arrived at Sadlier’s residence after two hikers stumbled upon her home through a thicket outside city limits. After further investigation, the pair discovered Buttons, who was in dreadful condition, and immediately called police. Officer Head shortly arrived to the scene and entered Sadler’s house to find her inside.

“I asked to see her identification, to which she replied ‘Why?’” explains Officer Head. “I told her I needed to know who she was, and again she asked why. This continued until I demanded she cooperate.” The two eventually stepped outside to Officer Head’s cruiser. “When I told her that I would have to get East Shore Animal Control to take Buttons, she became violent. She took my nightstick from my belt and swung it while screaming, ‘Go away, Beardy-Head!’ and ‘I hate you, Lady!’ It was clear that Mindy had suffered some serious post-traumatic stress after she went missing when her parents passed. I really feel bad for the girl, but at least she’s going to get help after she serves jail time.”

As for Buttons, the 92 dog-year-old German Shepard has been taken into special foster care. If you wish to adopt a loving dog or cat, please contact the East Shore Animal Shelter at (402) 801-9676 or (402) 801-WORM.

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