Seeing Is Believing

Originally published Monday April, 18th 2005

Why not be positive? I mean really? What is so hard about thinking the future is a good thing? I have noticed that humans now are days are trained by the media machine to be fearful of the future. It would have you believe that humanity is a lost cause bound to destroy itself. Nothing is ever like “The good old days”… “We are going to hell in a hand basket”. Why is our entire generation soaked in melancholy?! As a race we have been doing pretty well, and we are getting better. Look at the “good old days”. There have been some truly diabolical people, but where are they today? There might be some meanies here and there but on a whole, the good guys are winning the fight. We live at a time where truly anything could happen, so smile about it! The future is bringing us some pretty cool stuff; there are lots of good ideas out there. Remember life before mp3s? and instant message? The good old days weren’t any different from today, the only thing that is different is back then you were more ignorant, and disconnected from reality. Nostalgia makes you forget that. There are still plenty of interesting people doing interesting things. Why aren’t you a part of it all Mr. and Ms apathetic?

Lean into life, don’t take life as it comes. Don’t get bogged down by the message being thrown at you. know better; see better. The Media wants to consume you. It wants to sell you a bleak picture that only coke, and some Reboxes can fix. It wants to give you a world where you can move from city to city and have the same tastes, the same shopping experience the same life. It gives you a safe homogenized world. Haven’t you heard this before? This is not an original thought. Why haven’t you picked up on the warnings? Why haven’t you seen that McDonald’s seeks to own your immortal soul! The media is trying to control you. Tune in now. Think how many times you’ve heard it called the idiot box, how many times must you be told you are being sold a lie before you believe it? Trust the world outside, the world you can see, taste, smell and vibrate within. Not the world that comes to you behind a glass window. That is not to say you can’t watch TV. Just be aware of the message, and don’t soak it up. Your outlook on life will dramatically increase, you will rejoin humanities side, and not that of what is eventual to cause your doom. You’ll start to notice the people who you were just like. When you do, shout the message, tell them about the joys of life, and the future ahead. If they notice, good for them, it’s another freed soul. If not, don’t dwell you can’t change people. Continue believing in the right cause and teach by example. If we are forced to be, we had might as well be happy.


It is often asked of us, “What is this website all about?” It is a complex answer for certain. This website is a vehicle for modern free expression, thought, and art. The theories of the site don’t have to be explained except through one central idea that it is all relative and connected. The ideas presented through our comics, flash animations, drawings, photos and film will come back around to each individual in time. For the elder generations, and souls on the other end of the spectrum who were never meant to get the meaning of Axis of Stevil. Relax in the end it will all come to nothing so it doesn’t matter anyway. This website is not complex, and it’s message is in the thoughts, and feelings it stirs within you.






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Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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