Steve Jobs

Originally published Friday April, 22nd 2005

This illustrious organization was founded on the principle that everyone can be successful and have a voice to speak their ideas, even people who've been given a name as plain as one given to millions each year, Steve! Every so often, The Axis of Stevil takes pleasure in shining the proverbial spotlight on a Steve who shows excellence in their field.

In an ongoing effort to promote progress, The Axis of Stevil would like to salute you, Steve Jobs!


This week, the Axis of Stevil would like to recognize Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple Computer and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. Adopted soon after birth by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View California, Jobs was raised in apricot orchards, which would ironically later be known as the ‘Silicon Valley’.

In 1972, Jobs graduated high school and attempted one semester at Reed College in Portland Oregon, but quit soon after. In 1976, Jobs, then 21, founded Apple Computer with Steve Wozinak, 26 at the time. The release of the Apple II computer in 1977 marked a revolution in the personal computer market. By 1984, the Machintosh was released becoming the first commercially successful computer with a graphical user interface.

Through the years, Jobs left Apple to found NeXt Computer, which was eventually bought out by Apple, marking his return to his home company in 1996. Even today Apple continues to forge ahead as the leader in the computer industry with it’s desktop and notebook computers, OS X operating systems, and products such as the iPod and online music store. Pixar has also created 6 of the most beloved animation films and most reccently the film The Incredibles won an Oscar in 2005.

Steve Jobs still lives with his wife and 3 daughters in Moutain View California.

There will always be a spot for Steve Jobs in the Axis of Stevil.



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