Tax Break!

Originally published Friday February, 10th 2006


Tax season is once again upon us. Distinguishable by the annual reprinting of HASBEEN’s Best Seller, “20,001 of Kwame’s Favorite Accounting Tips & Secrets”. If you are fiduciary challenged, consider what the jacket of the book has to say.

“20,001 of Kwame’s Favorite Accounting Tips & Secrets” is a powerhouse of money saving ideas, loopholes, and incentives guaranteed to make your day more rewarding.

This financial omni-guide contains useful facts to increase your wallet size, such as:

  • Oklahomans can receive a $43 tax credit for planting an evergreen tree.
  • Rhode Island Landfills will accept your used lemon peels for 25 cents per ounce.
  • Vermont residents can write off 10% of their total maple syrup expenses, since they made it.

This publication is not just a loose collection of ideas, Kwame breaks up every fact into easily understood points and explanations, maximizing your ocular efficiency!

Check out THIS great loophole in Wisconsin refund laws:

Fact: In Wisconsin the fight against litter as urged the State legislator to require a five cent deposit on all major fast food burger wrappers. Your meal cost five cents more, but if you bring a wrapper with you to be recycled you receive a five cent credit towards that meal.

Secret: At the beginning of each year, start a “wrapper box”; maybe keep it under your bed. Every time you go out to a burger joint save your wrapper and put it in your “wrapper box”! It’s not limited to fast food! If you are ever at Dick Palmers Haunted Laser-Tag Arena, a sporting event or on any outing that involves concessions, pocket the lining of your fry tray. Over time these wrappers will add up to cash deposit!

Storage Note: As your wrapper box or collection pile grows, Consider moving it into a larger space. Shoe closets work well and should provide an ample space for your wrapper storage needs. Heavy fast food eaters might consider a climate controlled storage room or cellar. Pine Tree Car Air Fresher or incense will help transform the smell into a mouthwatering musk.

Payoff: In a year’s time load your collection into your car and deliver to any recycling station along the Wisconsin boarder. They are not required to verify that that you live in state. Your diligent collecting could net you upwards of $15,000!

Hint: Wearing cargo pants or shorts give you several places to stash wrappers.

Kwame also includes business contacts for whole sale receivers that will accept shipping charges on created burger wrappers and process your refund for a 15% handling fee.

That’s not all Kwame gives you in this jam-packed reference! This book features a handy appendix filled with all major tax forms for every state of the union (also Puerto Rico). Perforated edges make for ease form removal. Think of all the time and energy you’ll save with these documents at your fingertips! Now you won’t have to miss your son’s baseball game, or your daughter’s first interpretive dance because you were to busy picking up tax forms.

How did Kwame learn all this? The young Planeteer learned early on that heads-up thinking, clever book keeping, and a will to work for yourself could not only save you money but also make you money. His wise moves generated millions of dollars of near tax-free income. Now, with this book, his revolutionary secrets are YOURS!”

The book is available at most fine book retailers, and can be ordered by phone for five easy installments of $29.99.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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