The Lesser Of Two Googles

Originally published Wednesday July, 20th 2005


Personal privacy is being eroded by mans ever growing ability to index and search his universe. Google, a pioneer in efficient web surfing now aims to help you find everything! How does Google hope to accomplish this? The solution was simple, constant 24-hour surveillance of the human race.

Fueled by sandwiches and a profitable initial public offer, Google developed the googlites, an orbiting ring of high tech surveillance and market research machines. By monitoring your every position Google can give you direction anywhere, recommend a close by restaurant, and make sure you see specially tailored electronic Google ad boards.



All this surveillance leads many concerned people to the brink of paranoia fearing that Google is in complete control of their life. These people suffer from what is known as Hananoba-phobia, or fear of being crushed by an invisible enemy. Google’s quick adoption into the culture from its relative obscurity has startled many, kindling a new generation of hananobaphobics.

While it is not clear at this time Google’s intentions, its recent software releases has made it clear that beyond your doorstep the whole world is watching.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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