Thurston's Log 06.15.05

Originally published Wednesday June, 15th 2005

An entry from Thurston’s Log on June 15, 2005:

Dear Axis of Stevil,

Good evening friends! This past weekend I found myself back in a child-like state while visiting old stoner friends in Washington DC. After sharing a few beers with my associate, Garfield, we found ourselves crashing a “Girls Night” gathering. I was immdediatly brought back to my youth and some old memories. I was reminded of the good old days when we boys would terrorize the little piggies’ tea party with our Super-soakers. This time the reaction was much different. Soon after crashing their gathering, the girls weren’t squealing with anger, but shoving girlie flicks and wine in our snouts. Before we knew it we had seen cat fights (which are quite odd from a pig’s perspective), a midlife crisis, and romance while becoming sufficiently trashed. At this point we pulled out the Super-soakers. Ahh, that’s better.


Thurston Z. Pig

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