P.b.c. And You

Originally published Friday June, 17th 2005


Summer is finally here and many people find themselves shedding their cloth skins and traveling to the ocean. This yearly quest of mankind to seek a large body of water is a great way to spend a weekend and to mentally recharge one’s batteries. Large bodies of water are what a weary brain needs to relax and enjoy the sweltering summer days. Too often people forsake the bounds of good taste when selecting their swimwear and don an outfit that straddles the divide of bad taste and “too much information”. Most notably is the dreaded “Banana Hammock”.

Spiedo, a future minded company, in attempt to bring the words into the common vernacular have released their own “Banana Hammock”; a sleek, lightweight, versatile banana peel beach hammock. Spiedo harvests the husks of genetic super bananas and treats them with the chemical preservatives RINEOFOB. The product of this is a fuzzy perpetually cool pouch that you can hang anywhere on the beach. The Quick Whip™ function makes unsheathing the hammock virtually effortless. Now you can easily relax and enjoy the day in comfort. Speidos aim in this daring naming is to make “Banana Hammock” a household name. By turning “Banana Hammock” into the brand name associated with all hammocks, the slang word of middle class white kid for the school bus and the name of a Norwegian pop-ska band. Spiedo hopes to induce a climate where the beach epidemic of the original banana hammock can be discussed in the open. This problem must be addressed, but before this alteration can be made the public must be prepared.

The Axis of Stevil supports Spiedo and the PBC (progressive beach-ware coalition). If we work together we can keep pour beaches safe.

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