Triumphant Return Of The American Spirit

Originally published Tuesday April, 5th 2005


The Axis of Stevil, while a powerhouse player in international affairs and business, is at its core an American corporation. This National Triumph Week, The Axis of Stevil is taking the initiative and hailing for the Triumphant Return of the American Spirit [TRAS].

The modern American spirit was conceived in the 1950s and truly came into its own in the mid to late 1960s. The American spirit is the quality of being good at two things: work and the pursuit of happiness. With these two things, Americans can accomplish anything they can set their mind to. It was this mentality that made America the best thing going since Constantinople.

In recent memory, and entirely with out approval from The Axis of Stevil, the American spirit has faded and been transmogrified into an entirely different creature. The American spirit now is a dichotomy of self-loathing and self-gratification; two states of mind not endorsed by the Axis of Stevil. The modern American spirit has lead a part of this nation into a downward spiral of incompetence, short sightedness, greed, fear and doubt. This spirit breeds weak skinned Americans that feel shameful for their success, their independent thoughts and the basic freedoms that generations before them struggled for.

The Axis of Stevil can no longer sit idly by and watch. The TRAS Initiative is a public out reach program set on re-educating the country on what it is to be American. The correct and powerful American spirit is being infused back into neighborhoods and communities across the country. The Axis of Stevil encourages everyone to work hard and seek their dreams.

With the Axis of Stevil holdings equaling 20% of GDP, The Axis of Stevil expects to see the execution and completion of the TRAS Initiative to the fullest extent, therefore The Axis of Stevil offers as an aid to the eternal vigilance, these custom Patriotic Wallpapers.

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