Do the little ridges on Solo plastic cups serve any purpose?

Originally published Friday December, 9th 2005

Do the little ridges on Solo plastic cups serve any purpose?

Peter, Dallas.

Dear Texas Pete,

The ridges you find on your run of the mill plastic cup most certainly have a function. The Solo Cup Company was established in 1936. On December 18th, 1936, the very first panda bear was brought to the United States. As you may know, pandas do not cope with jet-lag very well. Once it was released into its new habitat, the panda was relentless towards all zoological staff. Nothing could cope this savage beast.

The patrons were not pleased with the new animal and begin to throw trash at the panda. One audience member just so happened to hurl a scrunched plastic cup, which hit the panda directly in-between his eyes, and fell into the panda’s paws. He examined the cup and then gently scratched the side of the cup with his claw, back and forth. The sound that this created made the once-boisterous brute into a docile dandelion. Every night, the panda would scratch the edges of the plastic cup and lull itself to sleep.

From that day forward, the Solo Cup Company featured ridges along the side of every plastic cup, just in case there came about another disgruntled panda.


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