Why is the name Robert Paulsen so familiar?

Originally published Monday January, 30th 2006

Why is the name Robert Paulsen so familiar?

A Non Emuss

Dear Mr. Not as Clever as He’d like Everyone to Think He Is:

If you happen to be talking about legendary voice actor Robert Paulsen, then yes! Robert Paulsen’s name just happens to be Robert Paulsen.

Born on March 11th, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan, Robert Paulsen was immediately deemed a child prodigy when his parents discovered that their little bundle of joy had the amazing ability to manipulate his voice. However, they assumed that the outside world would not accept Robert because of his differences. His parents kept him in their basement for over two decades. Despite this, they attempted to give him a normal life. He was well-taken care of and was home schooled by his mother. Once he hit puberty, his voice(s) changed dramatically. Although this is to be expected in every adolescent, his mother was bewildered by these sudden vocal transformations. His parents decided to set him free, into the real world.

With little guidance in the outside world, Robert Paulsen befriended animals, such as mice, turtles, and bears. He noticed that different animals in the same species each possessed different personality traits; much like humans. He studied which voice each animal positively responded to and communicated with them accordingly.

Two unknown hikers found Robert Paulsen in a wooded area 40 miles outside of Detroit. They took him in and immediately discovered his talent. Luckily, one of the hikers was a friend of a cartoonist, who just so happened to be hiring voice talent. This was Robert’s big break.

At the age of 25, Robert began a prestigious voice acting career when he used his talents for The Smurfs. He is also well known for voicing Snow Job (G.I. Joe), Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Yakko Warner, and Pinky (Animaniacs). His lengthy credentials can be found here.

This remarkable man, who was born with a talent like no other, who was raised in the basement of a middle-class family’s home, who was sent to fend for himself in the wilderness when he was only 13 years-old, and who used the same ability, that caused his parents to shun him, to create a name for himself in the hearts of those who love animated television. Who is this man?

His name is Robert Paulsen.


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