Power Struggle

Originally published Monday January, 30th 2006


A large blow was delivered to the embattled administration of city commissioners, Chance ‘T-Bone’ Furlong and Jake ‘Razor’ Clawson. Astonishing new evidence recently surfaced, that implicated the two vigilantes in a violent coup de ta, that went unnoticed for ten years.

In 1996 Megakat City experienced its worst terrorist attack ever. Mad Cat, attacking from a clocked warship, demolished City Hall with a calculated missile attack. The blast killed the city’s most illustrious leader, the 14 term political dynamo, Robert ‘Bob’ Manx. In the ensuing chaos, the city briefly became under the martial law of Commander Feral. The public outcry over Feral’s grab for power lead to the announcements of special public elections. It was rumored that amongst the hundreds of applicants, Former Deputy Mayor, Callie Briggs filed the paperwork to put the rebel SWAT Kat team, T-bone and Razor, on the ballot.

Having long been in the spotlight for their vigilantism, the SWAT Kats were the heroes of the community and swept the hasty election. With a surprising 84% of the vote, T-bone and Razor declared a mandate from the people and made several extensive changes to the internal workings of the city government, sacking both Commander Feral and Councilman Stevens; long time opponents of the vigilante group.

What followed seemed like nine years of peace for Megakat City. Once a victim to numerous terrorists attacks, things faired differently under the leadership of the Swat Kats as all attacks stopped. It was said that all evil was banished through a magical watch, and there was nothing left to fear. Life continued and the city flourished in its newfound peace.

Thanks to recent innovations and availability in satellite imagery, amateur historian, Shawn Stevank was able to begin research and documentation of all the famous battles fought in the Megakat skies. They were to be cataloged in a large, two-volume, leather bound coffee table book. He was startled when he discovered an ominous image of the Turbo Kat releasing a cat-a-hawk missile into city hall.

Though there have been many different explanations for the photograph, all theories offered by city officials, had been refuted. Recent polls say half the city has little to no trust remaining in the SWAT Kats’ administration. The city council has been called into special session to discuss the situation.

In light of recent events, The Axis of Stevil has been asked to stop production on its two volume, leather bound, coffee table book, “Arial Combat: Megakat City 1987-1997”.

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