What are your thoughts on the Oscar races?

Originally published Wednesday January, 24th 2007

What are your thoughts on the Oscar races?

-Anita Answer

Miss Answer,

While The Axis of Stevil doesn’t typically involve itself with racial disputes, The Axis would, however, like point out a great injustice pertaining to the Academy Awards. There is a dark world of greed and prejudice that exists within the cold, chauvinistic scowl of the golden Oscar statuette.

Everyone knows that over the years, Oscars have lost most credibility and is now viewed as a novelty item, given only to those who can afford to pay for the statue with a day’s salary. While a good percentage of schmucks are interested in who is wearing who and how, Anita understands that films are an art form and awards should be given to those who can brilliantly convey a story or successfully deliver a thought-provoking message. Sadly, that is not the case today. The statuettes are hoarded and then divided among representational assemblies depending on what controversial issues impact American society at the moment.

For example, last year Brokeback Mountain’s director, Ang Lee, won for Best Director. Since the film contained openly homosexual content, the Oscar was like another victory notch in the belt for homosexual Americans. Hollywood acknowledges a minority group for a few moments, then moves on to the other, and continues full circle. This year’s Oscars are causing a fuss due to no Best Actor/Actress or Best Director/ nods to the obviously ebony-geared musical, Dreamgirls. Did the Oscars intentionally short-change one of the ethnic groups?

To find out a true Oscar’s opinion, The Axis of Stevil interviewed Oscar Lanning, who is a treasurer for the Ku Klux Klan, as well as a voting, tax-paying, East Shore citizen. Lanning agreed that the orientation of the awards ceremony has been tampered with, but doesn’t believe that any group is misrepresented. “There’s two black coaches goin’ in the Super Bowl.” Lanning explains, “I’d take a ring over a dinky statue, any day.”

Please understand that anything Mr. Lanning chose to say does not represent our opinion in any form. We are not the Axis of Oscar, but The Axis of Stevil, and the Axis of Stevil says: What makes someone a Steve is that someone’s differences, which should be embraced, not exploited. Great actors and actresses come in all colors and sizes because all great characters, fictional and non-fictional, come in all colors and sizes.


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