Young Minds Await

Originally published Monday January, 29th 2007


Ask any of the rogues employed at Dark Brothers Games, Inc. what the key is to a good alibi and they will respond Corroboration. The art of corroboration is finding the right mixture of words to both support the testimony of a partner, as well leave broad enough strokes to be supported, or “corroborated”, by more people if necessary. When done correctly, law enforcement is given the extra burden of disproving the testimony of both you, and your partners. In olden times children learned about corroboration on the streets or in their Sunday school classes, in an unfocused and inefficient manner. Now, Darker Brothers has brought the lessons home for kids to learn and enjoy with “Two-Face’s Corroboration: The Game of Fact Coordination”. This new game teaches people how to lie consistently with their friends’ and is suitable for ages eight to eighty.

Designed by Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent, former district attorney for Gotham City. Corroboration is over-loaded with actual questions and responses. Pulled from a library of thousands of examinations and integrations, Two-Face has created a clever stack of forty question cards, seventy-two Corroborating flash cards, four direction changing “Plead the Fifth” cards and four “Flee the Scene” wild cards. Played similar to Uno, the game starts when the dealer lays down a question card. Players lay response cards down, one at a time, further corroborating each other until one person has no good excuse, or response to the question and loses. The loser receives all the cards in the pile, and the dealer starts the next round by laying down the next question card. To win a player must be the first to play all the cards in his hand, and shout “Not Guilty!” Should ambiguity arise during game play, a handy index contains a quick reference chart detailing which cards are valid answers to each of the forty questions.

With this newest release, Darker Brother hopes to not only strengthen its grasp over the game industry, but also instill essential criminal behaviors into today’s youth. Two–Face’s Corroboration hits stores shelves February 2nd.

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