Do you think the recently fired veteran radio personality has been treated fairly?

Originally published Monday April, 16th 2007

Do you think the recently fired veteran radio personality has been treated fairly?

Chill Will

Dear Frosty Document,

The Axis of Stevil is indeed flummoxed by the firing of a fun-loving, free-spirited entertainer, who is notably notorious for his motley mouth. The citizens of The Mushroom Kingdom are currently without legendary wrestling and radio bigwig, Rawk Hawk. Hawk has been a devoted wrestler, and through his own rigorous exercise program, he became the youngest and longest-running champion of the Glitz Pit wrestling circuit. Since losing his crown to The Great Gonzales in 2004, Hawk has been the host of WNUP 100.1 FM’s morning show “The Squawk Blawk”.

Hawk’s heated language has gotten him in hot water in the past. His pre-match commentary would certainly raise tempers. In fact, he was fired from his first radio job for saying “thwomp” while on the air. However, his radio show has been axed after calling the Mario Kart Star Cup silver winners “a pair of cappy-headed toads” while on the air. While these comments aren’t conventional forms of speech, The Axis of Stevil feels the punishment doesn’t fit the “crime”. Not only have the innocent staff of Hawk’s morning show been removed, Hawk’s copious charity events have all been cancelled as well.

The truth is, a staggering majority of toads living in the Mushroom Kingdom haven’t taken offense to Hawk’s remawks, er…marks. Many of the toads we spoke with were proud of their large capped heads. “The [Mushroom] Kingdom needs to understand that toad-extremists such as Reverend Sharpstool don’t represent the entire toad community,” says attorney/author Ted Toadbert. “Some of those that have been punished through Sharpstool’s actions are toads themselves. He is more concerned his own selfish agenda rather than the advancement of his people. People like Mr. Hawk are no threat to us and while I don’t completely approve of what he said, I do know that Mr. Hawk has also done several wonderful things for our citizens.”

Despite the threat of PC extremists, The Axis of Stevil remains vigilant in the fight for free speech. Society wouldn’t have advanced if we didn’t test our limits. And since The Axis of Stevil is in the business of pushing The Man’s buttons, this tragic event in the entertainment world has us watching our steps. In the end, we think this whole debate is just to draw attention away from the Koopa University lacrosse team charges.


The Axis of Stevil

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