Attention Philanthropists

Originally published Friday May, 13th 2005

What is “Seeing Is Believing”?


The Axis of Stevil was founded in January of 2005, by Steven Maguire and Graham Hensley, as an Internet T-shirt site. An initial batch of one hundred shirts, divided between four modern designs and colors, were screen printed manually at the hands of Steven and Graham. Through online and “out of the back of car trunks” sales, this initial batch sold out within the first two weeks. To meet demand, a second batch called “The Axis SE”, a special limited edition green series of shirts, were printed. This line of shirts has sold remarkably well. The Axis of Stevil is currently narrowing down its design ideas to produce its forthcoming summer line of T-shirts. The Axis of Stevil believes that the heart of its success is due in large part to its content driven website.

The question is often asked, “What is this website all about?” It is a complex answer for certain. The Axis of Stevil is a company of modern free expression, thought and art. The theories of the organization do not have to be explained except through one central existential idea that it is all relative and connected. The ideas presented through its T-shirts, comics, flash animations, drawings, photos, publications and film will come back around to each individual reader in time. The goal of The Axis of Stevil is to challenge preconceived notions of art, business and success. The founders of The Axis of Stevil, Steven and Graham, believe that success is all but guaranteed when you think logically and act positively. The Axis of Stevil serves as a vehicle for artists and creative people to express their ideas on a national forum through its merchandise and publications. By breaking from the mainstream, The Axis of Stevil keeps itself in tune with the creative community and young demographic. This will insure its place in the highest echelons of the new wave.

If awarded this generous prize, The Axis of Stevil believes, with all honesty, that they will take over the business world. There is no limit to what the power of motivated, savvy, young, progressive thinkers can do. The Axis of Stevil’s ultimate goal and motivation for its daily hard work is to make the world a better place by altering the popular perception of this beautiful and art filled universe. The Axis of Stevil represents a generation of people coming into their own and stretching their creative wings. This generation will shortly be in control of this world and The Axis of Stevil aims to help guide the course of this future through hard work, entertainment, education and determination.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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