Battle The Odds

Originally published Wednesday May, 11th 2005


There are any number of lessons you can learn by playing Guess Who. Truly, the fine Parker Brothers did it right… finally. Their first attempt at social commentary “Where are all the black people?” concentration was received less than favorable on the board game circuit. Guess Who offers every now and then players a most unfair of challenges. To be black and a women. As soon as the card is in your hand you feel singled out. The card that is in two narrow categories by itself. Double the trouble in the game and far to often in life.

The parker brothers sought to create a game that subtly illustrated the social problems of the world by making them the hardest challenges in the game, from the plight of hat wearing people, to the pattern bald skinny white guy.

The Axis of Stevil reminds everyone that even when the odds are stacked against you and there is only one question that lies between your untimely game board death and one more grasp at randomly choosing “Sam” and being correct, remember that life is golden and things will always turn out ok. To help you remember this valuable life lesson, the Axis of Stevil has created the usual array of wallpapers for you to download and help spread this powerful message of social acceptance and equality.

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