Full House: Wrath Of Tanner

Originally published Friday July, 29th 2005


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Kimmy Gibbler

Mr. Woodchuck

Uncle Joey

Jesse and The Rippers

Danny Tanner Clean Sweep

A superior hand is the true mark of the warrior. Trump your magical opponents with a card pulled from the “Full House: Wrath of Tanner” Magic Expansion pack! Decimate any adversary with the might of this Miller-Boyett production!

Sparked by the memory of his dead-ass-wife, Danny Tanner toyed with the powers of the ethereal range. Hoping to use the black arts to revive his soul mate, he summoned the dark Lord Burgerler one memorable September night. A diabolical genius, Lord Burgerler had tricked Tanner into casting the spell by possessing the body of DJ’s boyfriend, Steve. Since a Steve had offered advice, Danny Tanner ignored the obvious warning label on the spell written within a large, thickly bound onyx incantation book.

Appearing in a ball of green fire, Lord Burgerler rewarded the Tanner family for his freedom by imprisoning them forever within Magic playing cards, a grim reminder to tread lightly with Magic: The Gathering.

If you understand and accept the risks of Magic, you can now take up arms wielding the might of a Full House. The “Full House: Wrath of Tanner” Expansion pack contains 100% authentic recreations of the ‘tanner cards’ taken from high-rez scans of the actual cards housed in the Stevilarium. Pick up your pack today and laugh as you destroy, even the savviest, with ‘The Gibbler’!

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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