Atomic Theater

Originally published Monday August, 1st 2005


What are you, but the sum of your parts? Do these parts need to be entertained? The French have a word; Ennui is a listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest in a topic and boredom. This feeling, in actuality, is a by-product of boredom; in a layer of consciousness you are not aware of. These feelings are natural and can happen to anyone.

[Warning: What transpires is purely a matter of pseudo-science to tell an interesting way of experiencing YOUR OWN REALITY! Those who wish to subject the following flights of fancy with actual science are embarking on a fool’s errand that rivaled as much as the crusades. With that said, it is truly only a fool who subjects his reality to that which he can explain. There is more happiness to be known in the mystery than you may be led to believe.]

Within an atom there are electrons that are neither here nor there, but only for an instance, they are everywhere. At your basic level of creation, the atom, you are nothing but electrons spinning together. Paying attention to this spin gets boring after awhile. So you stop paying attention, and start paying attention to higher, more interesting levels of energy. Forsaking old systems as just plain work, as they should, every once in a while these forgotten games get out of sync with the rest of the unconscious. This is the cause of ennui.

To fix this sync problem, you must simply undertake an activity that appeals to your most basic instincts, seeing a movie. Why you ask? Simply put, the setup of the Movie Theater box office acts and reflects the behavior of the basic atom. Patrons stand outside in confused blobs of smoking teens, an obtrusively large party of friends waiting for the last member to get back from Subway and five people just trying to buy a ticket. The sunny interior of the atom is populated with people constantly in motion, coming and going from concessions, from the lobby, to the arcade, to the unknown blackness of the theaters, and finally returning to the hurried, chaotic order of the theater exteriors. The Atomic Theatre Experience is much like life in an atom. You wind up traveling through chaos to find order and then on to the black theater of the next universe. The electrons return to their natural behavior when the show is over. This time frame is generally 90 minutes.

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