Hurtin' And Convertin'

Originally published Monday June, 26th 2006


The development and release of sport-based video games can be seen as one of the smartest moves in video game history. Providing fans with a chance to relive great rivalries or see the glory of a fantasy match of two epic squads, these games further the love of the sport. Every year, the numerous sport genre series are re-released featuring updated stats, better graphics, and more intense strategies to continually challenge the players.

Companies like Williams and Capcom have long tried to achieve the same success in the realm of fighting games. These series, while full of tried and true combo crunching action, fail to compete long term as players get bored with fighters and heroes they can not identify with. Halfway Games, publisher of Tobias Boon’s “In Toasty Town”, has finally found the secret ingredient to endear a fighter to its audience; a deep spiritual connection.

“Spirit Fighter: Holy Hostility”, a video game that builds a cast of super hero fighters from world religions, crusades into your home to settle the longest of feuds. Select from Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohamed, L. Ron Hubbard, SS4 Goku, Brahma Vishnu, Shiva, a cloud of electrons, Pope Stephen, Xenu and Kartikay with Pleiades the Peacock to battle for eternity. Calling on their disciples and priests, these holy warriors can accomplish 200+ hit combos and deal tremendous finishing moves. Take it to the rings of the ethereal planes in team combat and define your own holy trinity.

Admonished by spiritual and cultural leaders as blasphemous and devoid of spiritual value, “Spirit Fighter: Holy Hostility” has been banned across much of the world; only available for purchase in North America and France. Though concern and outcry for the sanctity of religion is loud, players of the game have gained a deeper love of their beliefs by acting out their childish aggressions in a non-violent pseudo combative way. A young republican allowed to wale on eastern philosophers, as steroid infused Jesus is 10 times less likely to commit hate crimes later on in life as a marine. Halfway is already in preparations for the games sequel, expanding it with more charters, tournament mode, and an “ACTION PACKED” story mode for each character.

Though honored, The Axis of Stevil has declined an offer to feature King Steviankh Khufu, founder of the brotherhood as an opponent in Halfway’s upcoming releases.

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