In The Spotlight: Carlton

Originally published Friday June, 10th 2005


There was a day unlike most for Carlton once. He had unexpectedly been tipped out of a canoe by a rather bumbly mole. He remarked while falling over “Good heavens, you oaf!” Carlton hit the cold water with a splash!

He was amazed to find a vast undersea world of great depth and space, however it’s location was a seemingly tiny creek. In the distance stood a great Christmas tree lined with tremendous red orbs shimmering with a translucent film. Yet apparently permeable, for Carlton witnessed a flock of creatures similar to that of the classic Greek mermaid swimming through its surface as they left what appeared to be a city.

Carlton had barley a moment to think as his body instinctively sunk towards the bottom of this great sea. He cried for help, but found he had no voice. His marker was starting to wash off and with it his only means of communication. His eyes darted. “Where was the mole,” he thought. As he looked up the mole was floundering under the boat, waving his feat wildly. “Well that’s not the way to do it,” Carlton tried to remark, but quickly realized his mouth was completely gone.

Faced with this scenario Carlton felt helpless. What could he do but sink and enjoy the ride? He looked about with a mental smile, and let it beam as wide as he could. A bright purple jellyfish caught his eyes. It was the strangest shade of purple. A purple of used Barney plush warmth. Within the plasmatic interiors floated creamish flowers that occasional flashed with electricity denoting it was a beauty seen and not touched.

A red water snake swam mindlessly in the direction of the Barnied purple jellyfish. This crimson creature was either on a suicide mission or had no idea of the apparent strength of the beast that crossed his path. While the snake continued with out a care, Carlton let lose a tear that went unnoticed in the water, for he felt a sudden connection with the unlucky snake. Carlton thought that maybe he should close his eyes, but felt compelled to keep them open as the snake neared the end. The purple jellyfish suddenly stretched himself so thin that a hole opened up within him wide enough for the snake to easily swim though, allowing him to continue along his merry way.

Once clear the jellyfish recondensed with a sudden crack that propelled the water at great speeds towards Carlton. Carried along by this force wave, Carlton was flung against the ground of the seas and rebounded into a piece of seaweed so large that as it floated and seemed as if it were alive. The rubbery water tendrils quickly enveloped him and he felt them wrapping around his body and pulling inward. Before he could panic he heard a sound, which he mistakenly thought, was a rubber band being pulled taut.


The water was white and full of bubbles passing by his eyes. He felt himself lift, He was moving upward. The water became brighter and bluer, richer. Ears moaning, he shot out of the water arching towards the sun and then landing in the boat that had been newly righted by the clumsy mole. He landed with a thump into the seat that he had just previously been occupying. Reaching quickly for the magnum 44 he drew on a mouth and exclaimed “I’m driving!” as he pulled the oars away from the mole with a sudden jerk.

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