Man On The Inside

Originally published Monday March, 27th 2006


The Axis of Stevil has always been aware of the darkness that works in the heart of evil men. During the Stevilzation Conference of 1964, an event held in secrecy due to cold war pressures, the sane world became aware of an evil growing in the universe. The meeting, chaired by Grand Steve: Steve Lock, was called to address the growing concerns over the post war military industrial complex taking root in southwestern United States and UK.

During the second day of talks, a young, disheveled looking man, Antonio Estevez, burst into the chambers and demanded the floor. Committed to the spirit of free and open discourse, Minor Poobah ‘Steel’ Steve Stanoviski yielded the floor. Estevez presented the crowd with some chilling facts. Estevez had worked for several years in southern California as an actor and writer for a major movie studio. He claimed that over the past several months, studio executives had closed door meetings with several government officials. After these meetings, sweeping policy changes were implemented to curtail script writing and omit any use of “designated topics and language”. Those who disagreed with the policy changes were sacked and blacklisted. Those who willingly accepted the terms were recruited into a secret organization know as KERNEL. Estevez, a married man, with a new son on the way had no choice but to obey the studio and was assigned to KERNEL.

The committee listened speechlessly as Estevez continued. It became clear to him that KERNEL’s objective was to create and manage news stories that were to be reported to the public; to keep them misinformed about public affairs and quell Soviet sympathizers. Estevez was very troubled by his position, but feared trying to quit. His first assignment, however, went too far. He was ordered to write a story indicating that the global orders of Steves were fascists. The goal of the story was to drum up popular support for a ban on the name “Steven”. This was unacceptable. Estevez risked life and limb and journeyed to the Stevil convention to deliver the news.

No one knew what to do. It was clear, if left unchecked, the modern media would become a joke; a meaningless message of control. Exposing the plan would destabilize the western world and leave them vulnerable to Soviet attack. It was agreed that the time to strike had now arrived. Estevez, a noble man, offered to train his unborn son in the ways of Stevilization and to keep him within the wall of the message. He would be a man on the inside, who was aware of the deception being committed.

For the past 35 years, the Axis of Stevil has been receiving messages from Carlos Irwin Estevez. His monthly communiqués, received through hand-written messages that passed by 13 informants from his home to the Stevil Message Relay Center in Palo Alto, CA, have helped The Axis of Stevil on countless occasions to expose, lampoon, and counter the message.

In a bold move, the young Estevez has purposefully blown his cover and openly talked to the media about the September 11th attacks. This honorable act of shining the first main stream light on the dirty, not so secret, shame that is destroying the American dream has left Estevez in a dangerous situation. Charlie Sheen has risked his career and safety for a cause that should not be overlooked. It is now up to the people to have the courage to face what is known as horror and scrutinize all it’s aspects; regardless of the consequences.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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