Miss Stevenson

Originally published Friday October, 20th 2006

This illustrious organization was founded on the principle that everyone can be successful and have a voice to speak their ideas, even people who've been given a name as plain as one given to millions each year, Steve! Every so often, The Axis of Stevil takes pleasure in shining the proverbial spotlight on a Steve who shows excellence in their field.

In an effort to further honor educators across the county, The Axis of Stevil would like to clap erasers for our late friend. This special, bright, blonde-haired Steve was nicknamed “The Croc Hunter” back in the day. That Steve is, of course Miss Stevenson!


Miss Stevenson had taught for most of her life. While earning her Elementary Education degree at South Colorado University, she also worked at the University’s daycare for three years. She graduated Summa Cum Laude. Her first claim to fame was through her final exam essay, which opened up several breakthroughs in child sleep psychology.

Stevens found work at a small elementary school in a quiet, white-bread southern-Colorado suburb. Because she had such an impressive résumé, she was hired without any background screens. Quickly, she immersed herself in her chosen career, consisting of spending long hours helping children expand their minds while it is at its most receptive state. Her unbeatable spirit amazed her co-workers. She exemplified the passion that only is found through the power of Stevilization.

The Axis of Stevil is a fond admirer of the late Miss Stevenson and her continuing efforts in shaping young minds for the future. Although she admitted to the press that she was a victim of alcoholism. But remembering her cheery smile, perky attitude, and low cut sweaters, it isn’t hard to forget her mild personal demons. Besides, she’s pretty hot.



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