Movie Premeire

Originally published Wednesday June, 7th 2006


Rouge Olympic skier Jacob Talway was down on his luck. After losing a pre-qualifying heat, Talway succumbed to a three-day rolling drunk that ended when he smashed his Le Sabre into a Paul Bunyan roadside statue. Ordinarily, high-profile athletes have no problem subverting the legal system, however, luck dealt Talway a cold hand. The judge, bitter by his recent gambling losses, took out his rage on the skier. He was sentenced to 200 hours of community service to be served cleaning and restoring an abandondoned ski lodge in the heart of the Gahanna mountain range.

As a green and white prison bus lumbered up the lone service road leading to the cabin, Talway and a group of eight other wayward souls, were unaware that they might never see the foot of the mountain again. It is said that an ancient beast once terrorized the flatlanders who traveled to the lodge and ate anyone who made it more then 2000 feet from the safety of the shelter. A generation later, deep in the rotting bowels of the cabin, the Abominable Snowman restlessly waits for his next victims to arrive. This winter, be sure to Ski No Evil.

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