Plucky Plucky Bo Bucky!

Originally published Monday July, 17th 2006


There are several hallowed traditions that grace the halls of Acme Looniversity. Every year, the students play the famed “Name Game” while performing a frantic dance. This toon tradition takes place in some form of fashion in every grade level. Plucky Duck has never understood the excitement because he never knew how to play the game. Because of this, Plucky has never attended a “Name Game” dance party. Every year, something would always come up that would keep him away. It was almost as if it was his destiny to never go. When he was three, and in kindergarten, his mother ‘fell down the hole’ and he was forced to rescue her instead of attending the game. When he was in fifth grade, the school bus drove off without him. On the day he planned to ask out Shirley the Loon, he waited outside the library to meet her, only to find that she stood him up to attend the dance with Concord Condor.

When it came to his final year at Acme Looniversity, Plucky resolved that he would make it to his senior dance, no matter what. No death, disease, or distraction would keep him from his destiny. When the day broke, he rushed to the lair of the Toxic Avenger, where no one would be able to find him. There, he waited until 4:00PM. At that time, he left to grab a Weenie Burger and pick up his tuxedo. He happened to bump into Hampton, who seemed nervous and hesitated to speak. Plucky clued Hampton in on his secret plans and the pig grew very pale. He murmured that he had to leave, and quickly retreated from the hot dog stand.

Unconcerned, Plucky traveled to school to get ready. He ‘ducked’ into the boy’s locker room and slipped on his tux. Now all he had to do was get down the hall and he would finally get his chance to learn the fun-tastic Name Game! As he rounded the hall towards the gym, he was shocked to see a large FOX television crew handling equipment and cabling towards the gym.

Bewildered, Plucky stood still, not knowing what to do. Immediately, a production assistant spotted Plucky and shouted “Oh god, emergency! The duck is on the platter! Repeat! The DUCK is on the PLATTER!” Suddenly, two large armed men appeared from out of the girl’s locker room and advanced towards Plucky. He tearfully screamed “No! No! STOP! I MUST KNOW!”, as he was dragged out the door.

Plucky Duck was never to know the secrets of The Name Game.

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