Residential Solutions - Stallitude 1.0

Originally published Wednesday July, 27th 2005


With an ever-rising cost of living, many people have turned to new cheaper forms of housing. The Stallitude, is full-featured kit that will allow you to convert any standard sized bathroom stall into a comfy studio flat of the future. Using compartmental design and ergonomics to integrate and blend into any existing bathroom. Equipped with every modern feature, your own personal Stallitude kit comes with all you’ll need for the install process. From frame sealing calk to keep out nosey neighbors to highly reflective air venting, for invisible exhaust piping the entire process has been fool-proofed so that even an above average pre-teen could complete the installation.

Built in Biometric thumb print doors, and fake drop down decoy feet, guarantee that no one will ever disturb you in your home. Don’t forget the Enviro-Spired ant farm eco power cells provide your stall with a limitless supply of energy for mere sugar cubes.

Need more space? Simply buy two kits and install in a Handicapped stall. Order yours today and cut your living expenses in half.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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