When The Well Ran Dry

Originally published Friday July, 22nd 2005


The greatest fighting force since Voltron, The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers hit the scene and rose to popularity faster then the speed of an agoraphobic falling from a tall building! Once their fifteen minutes of fame was over, what happened to the once beloved Rangers, and their slave driver, Zordon? Did Tommy and Kimberly ever get it together? Sadly when the well ran dry, hard times befell on, not only the Rangers themselves but, the communities they lived.

The Megazord requires a staff of 117 specially assigned mechanics, 25 System Analysts, and 4 full time Custom detailers. This operation was run with administrative overhead out of The Production Company “Zordon Industrial Dinosaur and Croissant Inc.” When production could no longer continue do to lack of funding, an entire community of people was condemned to the unemployment line. There are few openings in the Dino-tech field, with the industry seeing a server reduction as more and more companies switch to Fjord Dino-plastic Designs.

Look for an Axis of Stevil T-shirt Pavilion at Zord-Aid, the alt-rock music festival benefiting the victims of the power rangers collapse.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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