Thurston's Log 05.08.06

Originally published Monday May, 8th 2006

An entry from Thurston’s Log on May 8, 2006:

Dear Axis of Stevil,

Greetings and fine salutations. I have had tremendous results on my truffle hunt. I snuffed out almost three bushels of Scorzonetruffles and other tasty mushrooms in abundance in northern West Virginia. I know! People are always so turned off by West Virginia, what with all the jokes of inbreeding keeping the spirit alive. Once you leave Charleston, it’s like stepping back in time. What you don’t realize is that the spring season there was like northern Italy. The air was refreshing and sweet as it blew across the valleys and hills. The unforaged fields were littered with nearly five thousand dollars worth of formidable fungi. I gathered a bag of some of the best finds and will send them along snail mail. The rest of the truffles have been sold to the Kitchen Stadium. My piggly ways have never been good for much, but every now and then, my love of fine foods pays off.



I was content to spend the weekend basking in my own success when I checked in on the website and noticed that The Dr. Dog was playing in Chapel Hill at my old haunt, The Local 506. The band caught my eye a while ago when they opened for My Morning Jacket. Their vocal harmonies and throw back psychedelic style made my tail curly with delight.

Dr. Dog took the stage Saturday night with a strong performance.The humbly dressed group had no problem dishing out handfuls of energy. Performing songs from their CDs Easy Beats and Toothbrush, Dr. Dog captured the audience with a sound that cannot be ignored. A room full of heads bobbed along with the music as Guitarist, Scott McMicken played with all the sensibility of Angus Young dancing about the stage in thick, black, plastic sunglasses andblue overalls. At themic, Toby Leaman’s committed vocals engaged the crowd to sing along with many of the band’s infectious songs.The guys also dipped into their new catalog by playing a couple numbers that were hinted to be on an upcoming release. The remarkable set ended with a sing-along course and two encore songs. The show was amazing and I was blown away by the bandsup-tempo pace and collectiveness. They played it cool throughout the entire night.



I will write more later, but I must hurry. I have to catch a flight to judge a fried rice eating contest at the Morning Glory Festival in St. Louis.

Thurston Z. Pig

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