Unsolved Enigmas

Originally published Wednesday November, 9th 2005


The death of media mogul and rodent trainer, David Seville, is one of southern California’s most unsolved of mysteries. His whereabouts have been unknown for more then six years. The efforts put into finding him have all but vanished, from a taskforce of 200 to now just one Dade County cop who swore his life to close the case, Steve Willmont.

With David’s many successes as the manager of an upright yard animal show and diamond smuggling cartel kingpin, he had great influence in many world wide affairs, Using a local college to launder money, he covered a campus in buildings, statues, sidewalk murals, al frescos, cafes and garden displays; dramatizing many scenes from “his life.”

Known as ‘David Land’, West California State University is home to such noted exhibits as “Freaky Friday-The Constructive sound garden” and “Jumbex Palladium”; an astounding 20,000 seat public venue and midget playground. And the most popular of all the schools attractions, the seven story “Octopus Dungeon” on West Campus.

Besides being the movie set for The Chipmunks’ final movie, “Alvin and the Horn of Ophidian”, The Octopus Dungeon was the last place David Seville was seen. It is thought that his remains lie somewhere within one of the many levels of dungeon classrooms. Though after exhausted search nothing has been found.

Further perplexing is the disappearance of Jennet Miller that same evening. Unsubstantiated rumors of romance and foul play persist in national tabloids. The stolen footage, ‘hotel sex tape porn’, reveals David and Janet in karma sutra like positions; enraging, then boyfriend, Alvin Seville into an uncontrollable madness. Alvin is said to have devised an elaborate death for his once backwater father to extract a cruel revenge on the man who betrayed him.

While Dade County Sheriffs collected evidence of Jennet’s murder at Alvin’s mountainside mansion, Alvin’s fate was tested. Poor handling of her severed thumb and media sympathy allowed Alvin to be found not guilty, thus clearing his name on all charges of murder and extortion.

Steve Willmont, dedicated upholder of justice, has sworn his life to finding evidence to convict Seville for murder, “Finally allowing justice to be served”. He has personally offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who has evidence that leads to a conviction.

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