Look Out Hollywood!

Originally published Monday November, 14th 2005

The comings and goings of another person’s life used to be a mystery. With video proliferation and the Internet, the ability to plug the world into your reality is now at your fingertips. Whether it’s grandma in the dunk tank at the county fair, or your impromptu karaoke jam session, all the world is a stage. Thanks to “You Boob!”, now you can exhibit private moments of buffoonery to almost anyone.

Production values, scripts and forethoughts are a thing of the past. Our reclusive and voyeuristic tendencies have created a sub culture of people who find excitement in off-the-cuff hilarity of this new “reality” television. Not exclusively reserved for the bored, parents take advantage of You Boob!’s child ranking system. Families can easily share video with aunts, uncles, and other friendly relations. These videos are organized by popularity and displayed in the ‘Greatest Child’ gallery. Parents compete vigorously to have their child hold this top spot. Dallas native, Jerll Tinder, recently came to public attention when he paid $2500 dollars to have the video of his daughter’s trombone recital be the ‘Greatest Child’ clip for three days.

The video, a 15 minute epic of “You Are My Sunshine”, “What If God Was One of Us?” and “Amazing Grace”, is raw footage shot on grainy SVHS tape and suffers from noticeable frame jittering, and audience chatter. Despite these facts the video has received 447,000 hits in the past two days alone.

Let other people be the judge of how interesting your life is, shoulder a camera, parrot shaped or otherwise, and create your own Truman Show! Someone is bound to find it interesting.

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