How do Mexican Jumping Beans jump?

Originally published Wednesday November, 16th 2005

How do Mexican Jumping Beans jump?

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The Mexican jumping bean is an impatient and energetic creature; No matter how early he wakes up he feels that he is 15 min late. The bean in a frantic trance will jump about looking at his watch wondering why he wasn’t getting “there” fast enough.


Jumping beans may not be tasty to eat, but they are great for a rainy day science project. Gather 5 beans into a jar. And put them in into a freezer. Wait 15min, the cold air will slow the rate of the bean to a halt. While frozen tie a string to the leg of your beans. Leave them out on the table to thaw. When they reach room temperature again you will have a jumping bean on a leash, ready to take for stroll about your house.

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