The following is a true historical accounting of the organization as recorded in the tomes and great history books of the brotherhood, stored in the great vault of the Vatican city, and transcribed for you here.


The Axis of Stevil returns from sebatical and relaunches its flagship website, providing an updated stage for its thoughts, ideas and awe inspiring content to grow. All original publications are queued and scheduled for re-release in the same fashion as it was originally created and published; new content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


The last week of publications is released before a much needed sebatical with promises to “see you on the other side”.


The Axis of Stevil opened its doors to a city street in Greenville, NC. Because actions speak louder than words, The Axis of Stevil took a stand to go out and keep Forrest Hill Circle clean.

Axis of Stevil adopted a city street


The Axis of Stevil begins publishing creative content on an Internet website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A commercial airs to announce the launch.


The Axis of Stevil acquires The Fraternal Order of The Brotherhood of Steves Local 27858 for an undisclosed valuation.


The Axis launches a worldwide campaign to enlighten the world.


63,882 Stevens jump at the same time in a silent tribute to john Lennon after his death.


In order to speed inter-chapter communication. The Axis develops a complex computer Network. Called Arpanet it’s success is instantaneous and is quickly adopted by The US government marking the begin of the Internet.


Amateur Film student Steven Jackson films 3-day concert in Woodstock.


President Nixon’s Public Socialality intern, Steven Stephanopolis, is involved in a government scandal. He is admitted into the witness relocation program in an attempt to cover the President’s ass. He changes his name to Neil Armstrong and becomes active in space exploration research. His career in NASA is nearly as successful as his time in the White House.


2nd honorary Steven title given to Gandhi.


Brotherhood calls for the end of Nazi terror, World leaders leave warnings unheeded. Brotherhood withdrawals from League of Nations in protests. Founds Axis of Stevil (April 7th, 1937).


Elliot N. Stevenmier. Fights organized Crime in Chicago. Declared man of the Year and presented Key to the city donated to the Smithsonian (1975).


Brotherhood world council convenes for the 1st time to calm tensions and hopefully avoid a world war. A meeting of the world powers is planned but derailed by Maria slovanchavich of Serbia when she makes an off color remark about the arch dukes wife.


Stevenski Amundsen, Norwegian explorer, Finds magnetic North Pole.


Jules & Steven Verne adventure around the world in 67 days. Steven writes a novel Re-telling their adventures. It doesn’t sell. Younger Brother Jules re-works book omitting all references to the two-week layover in a Chinese opium den. Books sells fantastically.


Alfred Nobel invents dynamite (patented in Britain, 1867). Neighbor Nathaniel Stevensons swears ‘I’m gonna name an award after you one day Neighbor’.


Crawford Stevilake uses first anesthetic (ether) for recreation, later realizes it’s medical implications and Sells Own brand Of Dr Crawford’s Miracle Fortifying Syrup.


Lower and Upper Canada united.


Steven Bowie leads Texans against Mexico to gain independence. Succeeded after winning Battle of San Jacinto. Bowie elected only King of Texas.


Joseph-Nicéphore Niepce takes the world’s first photograph. Subject: Team Trophy Photo of The local Brother Hood #034 Log rolling team.


Rosetta Stone discovered & Deciphered in Egypt. Original Tomes and records of the Brotherhood transcribed into every modern language.


Steven Morris’s Brotherhood hall of Philadelphia PA temporary capital of U.S. as Congress votes to establish new capital on Potomac.


Benjamin Franklin begins publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac. Youngest ever member Steveie James, Has 1st American paper route.


Steven Standish Lands at Plymouth Rock. The Master Carpenter Helps lead the colony with a quick and sturdy construction.


John Napier discovers logarithms. No Steven was present.


The Defeat of the Spanish Armada by the English. Lead by Sir Charles Steverborn. The hero of the seven Spanish mains. 1st great hero of the new Order.


Queen Elizabeth I. appoints Steven of Avon to ghost write a series of plays and sonnets for her retarded and oafish cousin in law William. Gets big ups from Sir Walter Raleigh.


Luther Steven, Renowned painter and intellect of the Renaissances reconstitutes the brother hood in Rome. Paints several church ceilings to raise funds for 1st Stevil party. Due to later debts to the King, Luther goes into hiding and changes name to Michelangelo.


Stevil Colombo, a Genoese sailor, carried the Black Death from Cyprus to the port of Messina in Sicily, thus beginning the great plague that killed some 1/4 -1/3 population of Europe.


Pope Maria XI declares the brotherhood of Stevil a threat to the known world. A great Inquisition ensues and the ranks of the brother hood are hunted down and destroyed. Denotes the beginning of the ‘Real’ Dark Ages.


Steve Paccini and Marco Polo of Venice travels to China, in court of Kublai Khan (1275–1292), They return to Genoa in1295. Polo writes Travels, Paccini invents new pool game based on hilarious exploits in china.


Stephan of Normandy invades England, defeats last Saxon king, Harold II, at Battle of Hastings, crowned William I of England (‘The Conqueror’).


1st honorary Steven title given to Jesus for bringing the booze.

200 B.C.

Augustus Stevil becomes Emperor of Rome. A period of great roman expansion is enjoyed and he is hailed as one of the 5 great leaders of the known world.

776 B.C.

Steverlie Aristophanes Wins 1st Olympic Chariot race outside of Olympia. Uses winnings to found chain of Highly successfully bath houses.

2550 B.C.

King Steviankh Khufu Founds The brother hood and orders club house built for meetings. Reference