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Thurston's Log 04.17.05

An entry from Thurston's Log:


Today begins the journey. I car-pooled with some of my fellow associates to the quaint town of Boone, North Carolina. They were interested in site-seeing and things of a tourist nature. So was I. I had heard that Boone was filled with hippies and that vegetarian and vegan foods were more abundant. People that won't try to stick a fork in your rump? More choices of non-meat meals? Oh yes. I was in there like swim wear.

During our drive, we watched the sunset through the trees and the hills. By the time we made it to Boone, night had taken over. No matter. The sunset was still as glorious as the billions of times before. We met up with other associates affiliated with our cause for a few drinks. It was a simple night.


Thurston Z. Pig

Originally published Tuesday April, 12th 2005 in Letters

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